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Professional Skills Course in Food Processing for Female Workers

Prof Abbas Mahdi Shakak, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, praised the female staff at the university for the pioneering and societal role they offer, which deserves honoring and gratitude. This came when addressing the activities of the graduation ceremony of the

Professional Skills in Food Processing course

which was organized by the Institute for Family and Community Development in cooperation with the Human Resources department for 50 female trainees from the university staff. The ceremony included Dr. Fatima Omer Nabag, dean of the Institute for Family and Community Development, Prof Yasser Mukhtar, head of the Human Resources Department, Dr. Nagwa Abdullatif, Head of the Training Department at the Institute, the course instructors and a group of attendees.

Prof Shakak stressed that the university is doing its best to support the well-being of female staff. He stated that females represent 60% of the total university community and they must be provided with different specific skills to benefit from the resources available in the surrounding environment, especially since Sudan has abundant goodness.  He also expressed his happiness for smart partnerships through collaboration among the various departments at the university. He mentioned that the situation in the past was miserable and did not give women their rights, therefore, this important issue should be paid attention to.

Dr. Fatima Omar Nabag pointed out that the training course included many aspects, most notably safety, professional skills, ethics, general appearance and the importance of preserving time, and she showed that food manufacturing represents an economic, social and nutritional pillar with multiple benefits for all sectors, especially female workers who need such projects to help them to face the difficulties of life and living conditions that the country is going through.

Dr. Fatima also stated that course instructors have participated from the Faculty of Agricultural Studies and joined the team spirit to spread their expertise and important skills for food production and processing, which we hope will become one of the largest projects in the future.

Prof Yasser Mukhtar explained that the university administration pays great attention to the workers' segment and the university is aware of their growing role towards the  institution. He stated that the university aim to protect and empower all workers through training and skills development to enable them to face daily life struggle. Prof Mukhtar also assured that they target internal and external funding resources for training programs.

Dr. Najwa Abdullatif stressed on the completion of the theoretical side besides practical training. She stated that the workers have been trained in productive and behavioral skills that will benefit them in various fields and different circumstances. She explained that food products do not contain any preservatives, most notably (pickles,  various types of sauces, jams of all kinds, juices, drying vegetables). Dr. Najwa promised continuity of training courses for all workers, remembering that they have a plan to finance and invest these projects through companies and banks, inviting everyone to visit the accompanying exhibition that reflects the products of the studies.

In conclusion, certificates were distributed to the students amid the joy and interaction of all attendees.