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كلية الفنون الجميلة: عميد الكلية يفتتح معرض الخط العربي والاسلامي

Dr. Omar Ahmed Khalifa, Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Sudan University of Science and Technology, accompanied by a number of pioneers in the art of Arabic calligraphy and coloring in the college inaugurated an exhibition of Arabic Islamic calligraphy by


Taj Al-Sir Hassan Sayed Ahmed


the international artist and calligrapher residing in Sharjah. The exhibition was held  in the college's buildings in the West Campus, which came in cooperation with the Sudanese Calligraphers Association.


The Dean of the college emphasized on the great role that the college plays in the various fields of art, and expressed his happiness at the important visit of the international artist Taj Al-Sir, who returned after the revolutionary uprisings that took place in the country. The visit program included the opening of the college’s student exhibition and a workshop on the importance Islamic Arabic calligraphy in Sudan and presenting its practical experience in this field.


Further more, the international calligrapher, Taj Al-Sir, praised the process of change in the country and the development of the college, which he was one of its students, and thanked the administration of the college for the warm hospitality he found among the pioneers of fine arts in the college.


Professor Abu Al-Hassan Ali Al-Samani, President of the Sudanese Calligraphers Association, said that such visits by the pioneers of Arabic calligraphy are considered as continuous encouragement for professionals in Islamic Arabic calligraphy and students of the Faculty of Arts, and he said that the association is newly formed and established and is certified by the official authorities of the state and its mission is to gather Sudanese calligraphers in a melting pot. One for the development of the art of Arabic calligraphy in the country after the revolutionary change that has occurred and looking forward, and this association is an idea that came from graduates and talented people in order to practice, develop and sponsor those in the field of fine arts to advance it to the world.