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Transparent Ranking of Repositories - May 2019

Transparent Ranking of Repositories - May 2019

The university achieved the rank 165 worldwide in Transparent Ranking of Repositories by Webometrics ranking according to All Repositories by Google Scholar.
Sudan University for Science and Technology is the only Sudanese university among the top 200 universities worldwide Institutional Repository, advanced to a number of prestigious international universities
160 University of Tennessee Knoxville Research and Creative Exchange TRACE (Citation: 19000)
160 International Development Research Centre IDRC Digital Library (19000)
162 National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Electronic Repository ENPUIR (18900)
163 University of Massachusetts Amherst Scholarworks (Citation: 188000
164 Université de Montreal Depot Institutionnel Numerique (Citation: 18600)
165 University of Kentucky Uknowledge (Citation: 18500)
165 Sudan University for Science and Technology Institutional Repository (Citation: 18500)
167 REFUBIUM Institutional Repository Freie Universität Berlin (Citation: 18400)
168 University of Missouri Repository Mospace (Citation: 18300)
168 CONICET Digital (Citation: 18300)
170 Oxford University Research Archive (Citation: 18200)
170 Hitotsubashi University Repository (Citation: 18200)
170 Vietnam National University Digital Repository (Citation: 18200)

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