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The UNESCO Chair in Women, Science and Technology and the Islamic, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) commemorated the International Day for Women and girls in Science and STEM Girls Clubs under the slogan of (Empowering Women and Girls in Science for a Sustainable Green Development). However, the commemoration was held on the premises of SUST in collaboration with the UNESCO Office in Khartoum, the National Commission for Education, Science and Culture, the British Council, the United Nations in Sudan and the College of Education at the University of the Gezira.
The Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, Umm Salamah Mohammed Ismail, stressed on the importance of harnessing science and knowledge to serve the society, achieve development and increase productivity. She praised the celebration and the program saying: (It represents a developmental partnership for women in the field of science and technology to make a real positive change in society through scientific research whose outputs must be linked to the reality of the community).
The Vice-Chancellor of the Gezira University, Professor Al-Senusi Mohammed Al-Senusi, said that women represent the diverse spectrum of Sudanese society. He said: "We are proud of this partnership and support it to become an ideal and exemplary example, moreover, we declare our unlimited support for STEM Girls Club for the development of women, which has positive effects on the overall community).
The Director of UNESCO Chair, Professor Shefa Abdelgadir, valued the partnership and wished to support new ideas by young women of today and the scientists of future. She noted that STEM is a global program that needs to be developed and allocated in the field of science and it is similar to the extracurricular activities. We developed it so that it emerged in the form of clubs that work In spite of our late arrival to this field, however, with the testimony of the United Nations and UNESCO, we have distinguished ourselves and achieved positive successes. Thankfully, they have shown that they are throwing through the program until Sudanese women lead the way.
The representative of the UNESCO Chair in Sudan, Mr. Abdulqaderabdain, said: "The UNESCO chair at the university plays great roles in the service of society and the country. The Sudanese woman is unique and has a long history and heritage. We show that equality exists and women contribution to political and social work from different fields is remarkable. To reach the highest rank and highest positions, and strive to develop all the sciences that follow women).
It is worth mentioning that two scientific papers were presented by Prof. Shifa Abdul Qader on (Empowerment of Women and Sustainable Development through STEM Program), and another paper explaining the program and how it was presented by Dr. Amna Sarhaltam. The partners participating in the program also spoke with representatives of the United Nations and the Department of Education Girls and welfare and social. During the ceremony creative lyrical paragraphs presented by Coral University of the island amid the appreciation and interaction of all.