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Memorandum of Understanding with the Africa City of Technology

Memorandum of Understanding with the Africa City of Technology

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUS) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Africa City of Technology (ACT). The two sides agreed to develop cooperation in the scientific, academic and technological fields for mutual benefit. Moreover, they agreed to exchange experiences, complement academic and research activities, optimize the scientific capabilities of both parties, implementing scientific programs at the graduate level, exchange of experiences in academic and scientific fields as well as encouraging the parties to exchange scientific visits in addition to establishing joint training programs.
The Vice Chancellor, Professor Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, said that the memorandum of cooperation aims at establishing partnerships in various fields with the ACT especially in the field of agricultural, industrial and research incubators in order to support the country to achieve development.
Director of ACT, Dr. Osama Abdel Wahab Reis, said that the incubators value started at SUST in the incubation of leather for the production of technologies and the establishment of partnerships that embraced high production in this field and added that the cooperation with SUST will be continued because of its richness in human resources, also, he praised the role of professors and researchers in the field of the incubators and ideas which are translated into reality to contribute significantly to the development of the country. Finally, announced a workshop on incubators and their technological visions in the upcoming October at the Arab level.