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The High Committee of the Summer Work Holds its First Meeting

The High Committee of the Summer Work Holds its First Meeting

The High Committee of the Students Summer Work Programs for the year 2018 held its first meeting in the presence of the vice chancellor, deans of the colleges, the representative of the president of the Union of Students of Khartoum State, the President of the Student Union at SUST and leaders of the Executive Office of the Union.
The vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, expressed the importance of the student work and its ambitious plans and appreciated the role played by the Union in terms of intellectual, cultural, social, voluntary and sports activities.
The President of the Students Union, Madthar Othman, reviewed the plan features and valued the efforts of the university administration to overcome obstacles and offer advice, opinion and assistance to implement all the programs of the Union.
The deans of the colleges presented valuable interventions on the work plan and presented important guidelines that contribute significantly to support the summer work. The meeting concluded with the presentation of adopted and positive recommendations.