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College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology Forum and Exhibition

College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology Forum and Exhibition

Minister of State at the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Dr. Saad Eddin Al-Bushra, addressed the opening of the second oil exhibition and forum organized by the Petroleum Engineering and Technology College to mark the silver jubilee for the teaching oil engineering. He said that Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) plays an important role in providing scientific research and studies as well as it is the main reference to the labor market. He continued stating that the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology has outstanding students working in the ministry and oil fields and they seek to have partnerships with them. He concluded that the ministry seeks to localize the oil industry in Sudan, through cooperation with the College to activate the agreements in the field of training and scientific research.
The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, said that the College of Engineering and Technology of Oil has found a prestigious place in the region. It was established 90 years after the establishment of the university in 1902, where it was a department at the College of Engineering until it was upgraded to a college in 2003. Noting that the College organized in the past four meetings between oil engineering and industry to train students at home and abroad. This forum came to create greater opportunities for students in the ministry and fields.
Dean of the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology, Dr. Taqwa Ahmed Musa, said that this forum came to achieve a number of objectives, most importantly to show students capabilities in the field of oil, develop the relationship between graduates and college and to attract support from companies working in the field of oil to train students in the practical aspect of their study. A number of scientific papers are to be presented by experts in the field.