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Entrepreneurship Development and Investment Promotion Program

Entrepreneurship Development and Investment Promotion Program

The vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, launched the exhibition and bazaar organized by the first batch of the program of entrepreneurship development and investment promotion at the Waha Mall. This activity came as a part of training program carried out by the business incubators at SUST in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Bank of Sudan and the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah from 2-13 April 2017.
The vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmad Mohammed Hussein said that they seek through business incubators to train and rehabilitate as many members of society and its sectors as possible to enable them to contribute effectively to the development of the community. He gave a detailed enlightenment about the activities and objectives of the business incubator.
The project coordinator, Dr. Najwa Abdel Latif, said that the project targeted 30 students and trainees in the field of entrepreneurship under the umbrella of business incubators at SUST to develop and raise their capacities in various fields and give them knowledge in how to prepare feasibility studies and marketing products for projects. She pointed out that they have trained more than (370) in the field of entrepreneurship in various fields.