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The Secretariat of Academic Affairs organized a training course that aimed at developing post graduate supervision skills and academic support. However, the training course was conducted by experts from University of Technology, Malaysia and attended by trainees from Sudan University of Science and Technology, Neelain University, Alzaiem Alazhari University, El Imam El Mahdi University, Shendi University, University of Albutana and Nile Valley University.
The deputy vice-chancellor, Prof. Mahir Suleiman Salih, addressed the trainees and expressed his hope that they to get the maximum befit from the course and experiences of the Malaysian experts. On the other hand, the Secretary of Academic Affairs, Prof. Yousif Mohammed Ahmed, stated that the course aimed at developing postgraduate supervision kills and familiarizing the trainees with experiences of the Malaysian University of Technology, especially most of its students are postgraduates. Finally, he thanked the participants from the other universities and urged them to impart what they learnt in this course to their postgraduate students.