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A Workshop on Universities Role in Technical and Technological Education

A Workshop on Universities Role in Technical and Technological Education

Sudan University of Science and Technology, under the auspices of the vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmad Mohammad Hussein, hosted a workshop entitled “Universities Role in Technical and Technological Education”. The workshop was esteemed by the attendance of Prof. Faisal Abdullah, representing assistant to the president, Ibrahim Hamid Mahmoud, the deputy vice-chancellor, Prof. Mahir Salih, the principal, Dr. Abbas Musa and a number of universities vice-chancellors and employees of the university.
Prof. Faisal Abdullah addressed the workshop and stated that SUST is a leading figure in the technical and technological education, and its students are renowned for their skills that distinguish them from the others, also he said that this workshop comes at a time when the country needs this type of education because it steers the wheel of development.
The vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmad Muhammad spoke that the university is characterized by the technical aspect beside the establishment of colleges for the technology which graduate technicians every year. In addition, he said that the administration of SUST must benefit from the outputs of the workshop in the fields of engineering. However, the workshop discussed a number of papers: the experience of SUST accompanied by the experience of Nile Valley University presented by Dr. Diaa Eddin Mohammed Hassan, the experience of the University of Khartoum by Dr. Ishraga Ahmed Hassan, the experience of the Gezira University by Prof. Faisal Abdullah Al-Haj, the experience of technical colleges by Dr. Adla Ahmed Adam and a paper on the technical and technological education in Sudan presented by Prof. Ahmed al-Tayeb Ahmed.