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Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) Participates in the International Space Forum


Sudan University of Science and Technology involved in the delegation which participated in the First International Space Forum at ministerial level in Trento (Italy). The delegation was headed by the Minister of Communications and Technology, Dr. Tahani Abdullah and membership of a number of space scientists in the country, among them Dr. Sakhr Babikr Abu Darg, Dean of College of Aviation, who represented SUST. Notably, The Forum aims at greater involvement of the space academies and universities in developing space policies to address global challenges, among which protecting the environment and climate change.
At the end of the forum sessions everyone agreed on the importance of its outputs which will develop the work in the space science and the forum will be held periodically. In addition, items, agenda of steering and action plan are included as a necessary method for cooperation between the countries with the adoption of universities to teach space science and establish research centers in the field.