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Training Centre Distributes Certificates to Staff Members of SUST

Training Centre Distributes Certificates to Staff Members of SUST

Training and Continuous Studies Center at the College of Technology organized a ceremony of distribution of certificates to the graduates of the training courses in preparing and writing reports, the effective administrative supervision and financial analysis of the purchasing department. The event was organized in the presence of Secretary of the Academic Affairs, Professor Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed Idris, Dean of the College of Technology, Dr. Abdul Qader Ahmed Othman, Dean of the College of Fine Art, Dr. Abubakar Hadi, director of the Training Center, Dr. Amna Mukhtar, and a number of university officials.
Professor Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed Idris said that his administration organized, in collaboration with the center, a number of courses based on the priorities of the university and directions of the vice-chancellor. He stressed that the next year will experience a giant leap in training, and the Academic Affairs will support the training center.
Dr. Abdul Qader Ahmed Othman expressed his pleasure to organize these various training courses in the aspects of all departments and raises the skills and capacities of workers.
In the same context, Dr Amna Mukhtar thanked the university administration for being cooperative with the Training Center, noting that the Center provides programs and consultancies. She added that the aim of the center is to provide students with the skills and information. Moreover, she pointed out that the Training Center was accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources Development and Labor as a certified training center.