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Sudan University of Science and Technology Establishes a Center for Early Detection of Breast Cancer


The vice-chancellor, Professor Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, announced the establishment of a center for early detection of breast cancer at the College of Medical Radiologic Science. This announcement came during his address to the workshop organized by the UNESCO Chair in Women, Science and Technology in collaboration with the College of Medical Radiologic Sciences entitled (The Role of Radiation in Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer). The centre is to be collaboratively created by the College of Medical Radiologic Sciences and the UNISCO Chair in Women, Science and technology at the university.
His Excellency promised to support all activities and programs of UNISCO chair to relieve the suffering of the citizens particularly in confronting this disease and stressed on the interest of SUST about recommendations and outputs of the workshop hoping to turn the center later into a research center to find out the causes and prevention of the disease.
The dean of the College of Medical Radiologic Sciences, Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Abu Kunna, revealed that according to the international statistics of the World Health Organization there are 380 million thousand patients annually and the number of deaths is 458,000 annually, and the organization pointed out that most of the cases are concentrated in Africa and this is attributed to the lack of sufficient awareness and failure to provide sufficient medication and he added that attracting women for early detection is a major cause of treatment that leads to control the disease.
The workshop discussed four scientific papers about early detection of breast cancer, sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the role of ultrasound and modern technologies in the diagnosis of breast cancer and magnetic resonance imaging to identify breast tumors characterization.
The workshop came up with a number of recommendations which are represented in the establishment of a centre for early detection of breast center, the UNISCO Chair to participate in educating women in rural and urban areas about the importance of early detection and organizing programs across medical institutions and organizations for early detection of the disease.