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Real Estate Assessment at a Civil Engineering Symposium


Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Sumaya Abu Kashawa, assured that every state that does not care about scientific research should not have to think about the progress and development and wise decisions of a government must be based on scientific insights as well. She said, at the opening of the first practical symposium on civil engineering education curricula focusing on the Sudanese real estate assessment, that the state now need researches to make scientific decisions. She stressed that the ministry will not exclude universities from funding the scientific research.
The vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohamed Hussein, described scientific researches as an essential pillar in higher education. His Excellency revealed the allocation of a considerable fund for the purpose of scientific research which amounts to 500 thousand pounds for a single project and pointed out that all the projects that have been introduced during the past two years were developmental and focused on the economic side.