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The Institute for Family and Community Development (IFCD) Supports Young People and Graduates Projects


The Institute for Family and Community Development organized a scientific symposium in the field of small businesses, alumni support and Entrepreneurship under the name of Supporting Business Incubators Project sponsored by the vice-chancellor, Professor Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, under the slogan of (Higher Education Institutions and Entrepreneurs Support) in the presence of Dr. Aisha Mohammed Ibrahim, director of the Global Institute for Entrepreneurship, the global expert in entrepreneurship, Dr. Adnan Ediewi, Dr. Alshafa Abdul Qadir, director of the UNISCO Chair in Women, Science and Technology, Dr. Majzoub Bakhit, Director of Information and Public Relations Department, Dr. Najwa Abdul Latif, director of Business Incubator Project, Dr. Amna Ahmed Mohamed Mokhtar, director of Training and Continuous Studies Centre at the university and a large number professors and students .