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Senate Council Holds its 3rd Meeting of 2016

Senate Council Holds its 3rd Meeting of 2016

The Senate Council held its third meetings in Alshaheed Conference Hall under chairmanship of the vice chancellor, Professor Rashid Ahmad Mohammad Hussein. His Excellency, at the beginning of the meeting, welcomed the new and old members, grieved over the loss of colleagues, and then the agenda and proceedings of the previous meeting were passed. The vice-chancellor presented a full enlightenment about the activities of the university in the period between the two meetings.
The council passed, in the same meeting, the results of the Graduate Studies College at the level of higher diploma, master and doctorate; also it passed the results of some colleges such as College of Technology and Deanship of Distance Education. Moreover, the council authorized the establishment of College of Medicine, approved the regulations of granting honorary degrees, authorized the modification of the names of some programs at the College of Engineering and approved the proposed program of technological bachelor honor degree in food Process Engineering. The meeting concluded with approving the regulations and exams system of the Distance Education for the year 2016.