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Assistant to the President of the Republic Inaugurates Graduation Projects at the College of Music


Assistant to the President of the Republic, Major General Abdal Rahman Almahdi inaugurated the exhibition and graduation projects at the College of Music and Drama in the presence of the Culture Minister, Altayeb Hassan Badawi, the deputy vice-chancellor, Prof. Mahir Salih, Dean of College of Music and Drama, Dr. Fadlallah Ahmad Abdallah.
Assistant to the President, in his speech, said that the people of art expressed, in different historical periods, the values of the community through multicultural process and played an important role, in highly complex conditions, which contributed to the construction of the anti-colonialism movement. Also, he maintain that the drama is not solely a means of entertainment, as some believe, but a way to express the idea of interpersonal communication and a purposeful messages that serve the communities.
The Federal Minister of Culture praised the greast role played by the various arts, especially drama, and the SUST has the upper hand in the graduation of creative generations in the fields of music and drama. Professor Mahir Salih welcomed the Assistant to the President, the Minister of Culture and the distinguished guests for honoring the university in this event. He talked about the university role and its contributions, through various arts, to the Sudanese community service and highlighted its leading role in various walks of life.