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Students Union of the University of Jordan Visits SUST

Students Union of the University of Jordan Visits SUST

Professor Rashid Ahmad Mohammad Hussein, the vice-chancellor, received a delegation from the students union of the University of Jordan, which included the president of the union and the person in charge of the external relations and information office. His Excellency welcomed the delegation and briefed them about Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), its inception, development, and the academic programs, noting that SUST offers technical support to other universities. He added that there is a joint cooperation between SUST and the University of Jordan on the level of student unions, so as to create and develop similar activities at the universities for the cross-fertilization of ideas for further progress and strengthening the Arab and Islamic identity.
In the same context, Omar Ahmed Omar, president of the Student Union of SUST, said that the union extended an invitation to the student union at the University of Jordan to visit the university in order to exchange expertise in the field of services offered to the students, and he added that the two unions cooperate in the area of scholarships and post graduate studies.
For his part, Samir Mashkoor, president of the Student Union at the University of Jordan, explained that the idea of the visit came because of the good reputation enjoyed by the university and its students movement, to develop student unions in Jordan and to discuss the possibility of sending students in some colleges to exchange expertise and strengthen joint cooperation between the two universities.