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Safety and Security Department Briefs about University Police


Professor Mahir Salih Suleiman, the deputy vice-chancellor, reassured all employees of safety and security at the university about the possibility of recruiting and accommodate them in universities police. This statement came in the brief, which was organized by the Security and Safety Department at the University about the decision to establish universities police.
Professor Mahir Salih talked about the importance of securing the safety of the university and stability of academia through the provision of trained personnel and he indicated that the university is willing to arrange the conditions of its employees from the Safety and Security Department in coordination with the administration of personnel and management of the police and the committees that will formed for a such purpose. He added that the policy of the State believes that the public interest needs universities police that work thoughtfully according to a clear plan and they recruit qualified cadres to rectify and to contain problems that threaten the stability and integrity of the university set up.