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Minister of Industry and Investment in Khartoum State Visits Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST)


Minister of Industry and Investment in Khartoum State, Dr. Abdullah Ahmed, confirmed State keenness and interest in the industry and pointed, during his visit to the college of Industries Engineering, to the abundance of raw materials in Sudan as well as qualified human resources that can contribute to the development of the industry.
He explained the sovereignty ambition of the ministry program for the advancement of the industry as indicated by the five-year plan of the state, specially leather industry which Sudan has all the elements of its success. The minister regarded SUST as a leader in the leather industry through its contributions to the graduation of qualified scientific manpower in the leather industry, in addition to the presence of leather incubator. He pointed to the importance of the strategic plan for the advancement of leather sector in coordination with the relevant authorities, and he said that SUST is the most important partner in the development of the leather industry in Sudan.
The vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, confirmed keenness of the university to run the leather incubator to its utmost capacity, noting to the many partnerships of the incubator with some authorities in the field of training, such as Saria Company and COMESA for the purpose of training and qualifying students. He pointed out the role of the incubator in production, especially shoes, bags and other leather goods, in addition to the areas of training for professionals and technicians. He wished to take advantage of the incubator and regard it as a training base for all the people of Sudan and neighboring African countries in various areas of leather industry, research projects and providing consultancy that utilized in the development of leather industries in Sudan.