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Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Blue Nile University


Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) signed a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation with the Blue Nile University. Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, the Vice-Chancellor, signed on the behalf of SUST and the vice-chancellor of the Blue Nile University, Prof. Faisal Ahmed signed on the behalf of Blue Nile University. The signing ceremony was attended by Prof. Mahir Salih Suleiman, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dean of the Graduate College, Prof. Mohammed Abdul Salam and Secretary of the Academic Affairs, Prof. Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed. The memorandum is on scientific exchanges in the fields of engineering and agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine, animal production, education, business studies, computer science, Islamic studies and medical activities. Moreover, it concerns with the preparation of the programs of joint researches and educational projects, which include cooperation in the area of graduate studies and scientific research projects.
Prof. Rashid confirmed the pursuit of the university to provide potential and practical expertise academy for the development of the educational process in Sudan through scientific agreement with the state universities that is because SUST has many multiple and diverse programs of specialized colleges, in addition to the uniqueness of the university with some rare colleges on Sudan level, such as physical education, fine arts, music, drama and modern X-ray.
The vice-chancellor of the Blue Nile University, Prof. Faisal Algasim, referred to the need of Blue Nile University to collaborate with SUST to take advantage of its scientific potentiality and expertise of its professors.