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A Workshop on Quality Control and Evaluation of Higher Education Institutions


Professor Rashid Ahmed Hussein, the vice-chancellor, addressed the opening session of a workshop hosted by the National Commission of evaluation and controlling quality of the higher education institutions in the presence of the Executive Committee of the National Commission, headed by Professor Yusuf Hassan and a number of the university deans. The vice-chancellor praised the effective participation in such workshops which have great scientific and administrative value. He stressed on the need to make the most of them specially that the university has made far steps in the field of self-evaluation and development.
The chairman of the National Commission for self-evaluation, Professor Yusuf Hassan, explain the role played by the Commission in the field of development and quality, and stated that it is an independent body which follow the standards of transparency in the evaluation process for the institutions of the higher education. He added that the Commission has prepared a guide booklets designed to optimally evaluate the educational institutions.
Professor Hammoud, a member of the National Commission for Quality Control, explained the need for a self-assessment by the Institutions in order to confirm with international standards of higher education.