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The University Celebrates Visiting Professors of the Doctoral Program in Computer Science


College of Computer Science and Information Technology held a reception party in the Holiday Grand for the foreign visiting professors for the doctoral program by courses and partial research. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Somayia Abu Kashawa, the vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein and deans of the university attended the party.
Minister of Higher Education stressed on the keenness of the ministry to provide qualified personnel with high capacities and competencies for the Sudanese universities, pointing to her support for doctoral program in computer, which the ministry relies upon it very much in the learning process and expressed her thanks to those who contributed to this outstanding program.
In the same context, the vice-chancellor, Prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, pointed out that the university organizes the doctoral Program in computer science with participation of a number of students from other Sudanese universities, Ethiopia, Egypt and a number of students from the Sudanese institutions working in the computer field. He indicated that the program includes 56 students.
Dean of the College, Dr. Talaat Muhyiddin, pointed out that the doctoral program by courses and research in computer science aims to achieve partnerships with institutions within and outside the country in the field of scientific research.