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Promotion Committee

Promotion Committee

Promotion committee of the university teaching staff held a meeting No. 2/2016 dated 1 / June / 2016 under the chairmanship of Professor / Rashid Ahmad Mohammad Hussein, the vice-chancellor and the chairman Promotion Committee. The Committee promoted the followings to professor:
Dr. Awatif Hassan Ali Abdal Majid, College of Education.
Dr. Ali Farah Ahmed Farah - College of Education.
Dr. Khalid Mohammed Ismail Hassan Bili - College of Commercial Studies, and the followings to Associate Professor
Dr. Abul Qasim Abbas Awadelkarim - College of Medical Laboratory Sciences.
Dr. Najm al-Din Abdu Mustafa - College of engineering.
Dr. Yasser Yousef Abdullah, College of Forestry and Range Science.
Dr. Yasser Badawi Abdal Majeed - Islamic Studies and Research Institute.
Dr. Ahmed al- Hassan Faki - College of Science.
Also seven applications accepted for referee.