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The University lunches Community Outreach Program in North Kordofan State


The University sent a missionary (Dawa) outreach to the state of North Kordofan which included a number of deans and community service volunteers of the university. Professor Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, the vice-chancellor, saw off the missionary where he explained that the university, traditionally, organized outreaches in the past years in all occasions such as floods and wars. He added that, this outreach is specifically distinctive because it contains many provisions of Ramadan. Moreover, he advices those in charge of the outreach to simplify religious issues due to the simplicity of the people in rural areas, indicating that the outreach is regarded as a migration to Allah Almighty, adding that the university is ready to provide any support to serve the community.
In the same context, Professor Mohamed Saeed, head of the Supreme Committee of Outreaches, maintained that this outreach follows the example of the Prophet, peace be upon him, in saying (Invite to your Lord with wisdom and good advice) and told the members of outreach that this activity must be intended purely to Allah Almighty in Dawa and endurance of difficulties which they involve great rewards.

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