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UNESCO Chair in Women, Science and Technology at the University Holds its Monthly Forum


UNESCO Chair in Women, Science and Technology at the university holds sixth the forum which entitled (manufacturing and study some of characteristics and effects of Surfactants of Jatropha to increase the production of oil wells). Dr. Alshafa Abdulkadir Hassan, director of the UNESCO Chair, addressed the attendants saying that the sixth forum is about the Jatropha and surfactants. The forum is important because we need to increase our knowledge of how to increase oil production by taking advantage of the nature.
The researcher Heba Hassan Suleiman, who submitted the paper, maintained that Jatropha is a plant that grows wildly and densely, and its seeds contain the surfactants. However, the surfactants are used, after chemical treatment, as an alternative to motor fuel and in the industries of soap and shampoo.
She added that the surfactants facilitate enhanced petroleum recovery; also it is used to separate oil from water. The surfactants have been used in the extraction of oil in the Lap with an increase of 55%.