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The exhibition of Business Incubators Sponsorship Project at the university Receives Admiration in Jakarta


The project of business incubators sponsorship at the Institute for Family Development and Society took part in the exhibition that coincident with the 41st meeting of the Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah held from 15th to 19th May, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, more than 130 institutions from all around the world participated in the exhibition, and gallery of the incubator was the sole representative for Sudan in the exhibition. The exhibits included posters, brochures and products. Notably, more than 100 people visited the incubator exhibition among them the Indonesian Minister of Finance, the President of the Islamic development Bank in Jeddah, and the governor of Sudan central bank, Director of international cooperation Department at Ministry at the Sudanese Finance Ministry, Deputy Ambassador of Sudan to Indonesia, other dignitaries and regional and local officials in Indonesia.

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