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School of Civil Engineering wins the Outstanding Research Award


The engineer Abdul Aziz Hassan Abdel Razek of the Civil Engineering School won the award of outstanding research in the field of river transport in the Arab World for 2016 which organized by the Federation of Arab Engineers in Bahrain. However, the winning research is entitled (The use of river transport to improve public transportation system in Khartoum State) under the supervision of Dr. Sharaf al-Din Bannaga.
The study aims to show the use of river transport as a means to improve public transport in Khartoum State which is the most populous state in the Sudan, as it is inhabited by about seven million five hundred thousand people of the total forty million people of Sudan - equivalent to almost 19% of the population of Sudan. The transportation system in the state of Khartoum depends only on road transport and the rest of the systems (rail transport, river transport and air transport) are almost non-existent. This study addresses the use of river transport to improve public transport in the state of Khartoum in which the researcher collected data and information about population number, their daily movement and length of the river course in the three towns of the state through a field survey, and analyzed this information and then predict the river transport requirements in the state such as river routes, anchorage sites and ferries.
The research drew up a detailed study of the required river routes, anchorages and ferries for the river transport project to be established with the lowest possible cost. Moreover, the study provided an anticipated cost of the project which includes the costs of river course management, construction of river anchorages, ferries purchase, and operational cost. Finally, the study discusses the period for capital recovery of the project.