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UNESCO Chair at the University Hosts in its Monthly Forum the Household Food Security Project


UNESCO Chair at the University hosted in its third forum Food Security Project under the slogan of (Women are the Pillars of Food Security). Dr. Alshafa Abdul Qader, director of the UNESCO Chair, spoke about the importance of such projects in the development of communities through their material return for families and stressed on the importance of financial support for these projects. In the same context, she praised supporting role of Zain Company for such projects and National service for providing human cadre.
Mrs. Bint Wahab Abdul Latif, general supervisor of the Women Empowerment Project, stated that the project began as a pilot one targeting rural women in the some villages of Khartoum North. The project aimed to train and build the capacity of women by empower them to be productive through household production and breeding of animals and poultry, and to take advantage of their waste in agriculture and provide fodder. She added that the expected output of the project is to provide more than 500 tons of various vegetables during the season and reduce the prices of vegetables by 50%, and reduce the incidence of poverty at the locality and state levels. Itís worth mentioning that the project is being carried out through a smart partnership with Khartoum North Locality, Ministry of Social Welfare, College of Agriculture and Dal Group.