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A student attended the IPTC

A student attended the IPTC

Mujeeb Alrahman Hamid, a student in the petroleum engineering department and also a student member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), has attended the International Petroleum Technology Conference IPTC International University Students Programme under the title " Rising to Meet the Grand Energy Challenges" . The conference was held in Doha, Qatar from 5 to 9 of December 2015. The student attended educational sessions on connecting the dots between the industry sectors, guidelines for effective CV writing and career orientation fair by the sponsoring companies. In addition, he also joined the field trip to "Dhal AlMisfer Cave". Also, during the program, there was a special visit to ExxonMobil Research Center. Most importantly, the student has participated in a group presentation competition among many students from various countries across the globe.
Mujeeb reflected the huge benefit of his attendance in terms of information and building relationships and exposure to international events in the Oil & Gas industry.