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Two reseach teams participated in a Joint-Workshop at Sudapet Company

Two reseach teams participated in a Joint-Workshop at Sudapet Company

Two research teams from Sudan University have participated in a Joint-Worshop along with another team from Sudapet Petroleum Company, Neilin Univeristy and Petroleum Research and Laboratories Center of the Ministry of Oil and Gas.
The research and technology centre of Sudapet company has hosted on the 27th of August 2015 the workshop entitled “Drilling Fluids Workshop - Potentiality of local raw materials for drilling fluids industry”. The two teams from Sudan University were; the Drilling Engineering research team of Dr. Ahmed AbdelAziz (College of Petroleum Engineering & Technology CPET), Dr. Abusabah Elfatih (College of water & Environmental Engineering) and Eng. Fatima Eltigani (CPET). The second is the Chemistry research team of Dr. Adil Elhag (College Science) and Dr. Zeinab Abdalla (CPET).
During the workshop, four papers have been presented by the teams participating in this joint workshop. The first paper was presented by Dr. Ahmed AbdelAziz.. The paper was under the title of drilling fluids and additives and it shows that major parts of additives are found in nature as raw material or can be produced from simple biomass components. The second paper presented by Dr. Awad Babikir, who represents the Research & Technology of Sudapet Company. In his paper, he focused on the fact that drilling fluid raw materials are distributed in all Sudanese states and the aim of this proposed project is to utilize local sources in production of the drilling fluids as alternatives of the imported. Dr. Adil Elhag presented the third paper under the title “Processing and application of raw material for drilling fluids (Part1)”. The paper emphasized that cellulose can be functionalized to highly valuable cellulosic derivatives such as CMC, HEC and PAC which are considered as major parts of the drilling fluid constituents. In addition, white sand, as a major source of silica and silicate minerals, is highly abundant in many desserts in northern and western Sudan. Also, Trona is one of the available materials used to produce Sodium soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. The last paper was presented by Dr. Abusabah Elfatih about “Processing and application of raw material for drilling fluids (Part2)” which focused on the optimization of Sudanese bentonite for drilling engineering applications in order to increase the national income by adding a natural resource and to decrease the cost of dependency on the import of bentonite from abroad. He showed some key experimental results that the local bentonite can satisfy the American Petroleum Institute (API) and oil campanies materials association (OCMA) specifications for different concentrations of CMC and PAC-LV.