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Intelligent Supercomputer

Intelligent Supercomputer

Intelligent Supercomputer
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Computation is a new dimension by itself and cannot be reduced to hardware or software. It has its own computational logic, which sets it apart from other disciplines. Supercomputer is a device that makes this computational logic possible, i.e. any mental model can now be accessible for analysis and visualization using the computational approach. In a mental model when one zooms from the micro to the macro in a smooth integrational transition, then one needs to master intelligent systems in order to capture the complexity in these models. Complexity is defined as the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Intelligent Supercomputer makes it possible to combine exponentially, the power of computation with the power of intelligence.
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Graduated from Kings Collage, University of London, England in Digital
Electronics for Msc and in Cybernetics for PhD. Research Assistant in the same university for one year. Researcher at Institute of Automation at Chinese Academy of Sciences. Invited at the Siberian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia. Consultant at Kibernetiks GmbH, Germany. Senior software specialist at Software AG, Virginia, USA. Principle Adviser on Supercomputer to Ministry of Science and technology, Sudan. Consultant on Supercomputer ACT, Ministry of Science and Communications. Currently Director at AASCTC for supercomputer training Senior member of IEEE, Virginia,USA.
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