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National Committee for the partnership between educational and research institutions and the Sudanese company Elsevier Science Publishing


University hosted the leader of the Al-Azhari Smonara service definition (Scopus) provided by the company (Elsevier) for publication on Thursday, February 27th, 2014 international conferences premises of the University of Khartoum North . And in the presence of a number of editors of scientific journals and heads of departments and publishing information Sudanese universities . Seminar presented by the professor and professor Samer Jamal Mohammed Ibrahim from a company (Elsevier) Publishing Amsterdam - Netherlands . Each seminar in honor of Deputy Director of the University of Al-Azhari leader and dean of the University of publishing and information leader Azhari . Participated in the seminar, editor in chief of the journal Science and Technology University Professor Jalal al-Din al-Azhari and Dr. Hisham Ismail , head of a secret scientific publishing Deanship of Scientific Research . Following the seminar, a thorough discussion about the importance of taking advantage of the Company for the development of scientific research in universities and research institutes Sudanese . And working on coordination with regard to quality and the development process of scientific publishing through the issuance of scientific journals and electronic publishing