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Sudan University of Science & Technology Convenes a Workshop on Renewable Energy

Sudan University of Science & Technology Convenes a Workshop on Renewable Energy

Sudan University of Science and Technology has convened a workshop entitled “Renewable Energy in Sudan, the Present & the Future” presented by the Australian clean energy expert, who delivered a number of lectures in this subject during which he presented Australia's experience in the exploitation of solar and wind renewable energy resources of the (Biomass) which is energy derived from animal manure.

HE the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hashim Ali Salem said that 80% of Sudan's economic problems can be solved by exploiting solar, wind and livestock manure energy recourses to produce electricity and natural gas, which is used in different fundamental areas such as cooking.

This would also help in reducing environmental degradation due to the excessive consumption of vegetation cover which has become a prominent feature of the present situation in Sudan that led to the spread of desertification and desert encroachment.

Prof Hashim called upon officials in the country to give great attention to this area, indicating that Sudan, with its stretching rural areas, can take advantage of this energy to bolster development particularly that animal waste is available in abundance in Sudan, but it is not utilized optimally, whether in natural fertilizers or gas generation.

Prof Hashim has announced the intention to prepare an applied model in one of SUST’s colleges to extract domestic gas from animal manure and remnants of meat.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Ministry of Sciences & Communication and the Fuel Committee in the National Legislative Council have participated in the workshop by scientific papers prepared by many bodies interested in Renewable Energy.