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The Deanship of Distance Learning at SUST Kicks Off the International Conference for Distance Education

The Deanship of Distance Learning at SUST Kicks Off the International Conference for Distance Education

HE the Assistant to the President of the Republic, Abdelrahman Elsadig Elmahdi emphasized the attention of the State paid to Distance Education and that it is incorporating it into its priorities as being an essential prerequisite to support the country’s sustainable development for the benefit of all citizens, noting that the information and communications technology revolution requires rapid mobility to catch up with the information revolution and the need to expand it to cover all theory and technological areas.

Mr. Elmahdi stressed the importance of linking Distance Education to fill the gap in labor market, employ the largest number of young people and support the national economy with qualified cadres to contribute to the course of development and modernization. “Distance Education now gains paramount importance under the effective modern methods of communication,” he said, calling for attention to be paid to this area for rapid evolution of distance education as being the only appropriate way to gain efficient, easy education with least cost in our vast country, Sudan.

Talking about parties of the conflict in South Sudan he urged them to act with wisdom and foresight, maintain close dialogue and pursue peaceful means for the resolution of the dispute.

HE Prof. Dr. Hashim Ali Salem, the Vice- Chancellor of SUST addressed the Conference saying that the future of education around the globe is for Distance Education because it is easy to obtain and inexpensive for both the universities and students as well. “This type of education does not recognize geographical barriers or boundaries, it is offered to all people regardless their gender, ethnicity and nationality,” he said adding that distance learning degree is now recognized and approved by most countries,“ therefore educational institutions in Sudan must be prepared for this coming education revolution.”

Prof. Hashim also said it is necessary to establish controls to govern such type of education and promulgate them on the Internet, adding that the University is doing its utmost to serve and develop the community through research and projects, hoping for the conference to come up with concrete and effective recommendations to serve the country’s interests.

Dr. Mustafa Najm Bushari, Dean of the Deanship of Distance Learning in SUST said the Conference aims at acquainting the community with Distance Education indicating that the participants will discuss ideas, factors and challenges facing Distance Education, beside other relevant issues.

It is worth mentioning that participants in the First International Conference on Distance Education have addressed a number of scientific papers specialized in the field of education