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The First International Conference on Medical Laboratories


The College has actively participated in the 1st International Conference on Medical Laboratories that was held in Khartoum, Friendship Hall in the period from 6-8 December, 2013. The conference was organized by the Professional Sudanese Specialist Union of Medical Laboratory Scientists and the Sudan National Council of Medical and Health Professions in collaboration with the Federation of African Associations of Medical Laboratory Scientists. The event coincided with the 3rd International Conference of FAAMLS. This conference was sponsored by the former Vice President Dr. Elhaj Adam Yusuf. Dean of MLS, Dr. Mohamed Siddiq co-chaired a scientific session at the conference, while Mr. Salah AlRawa chaired the Financial subcommitee of the Organizing Commitee. Mr. Mugtaba Ahmed and Mr. Yassin Elfaki have had their contributions in form of oral presentations, whereas Mr. Abobakr Mahboub and Ms. Shahinaz Osman participated by presenting their work in form of poster.Full details about the event can be found at