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A Lecture on the Standards of Quality of Academic Programs

A Lecture on the Standards of Quality of Academic Programs

The College of Computer Science & IT at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) has organized, on the margins of the activities of the International Arab Conference on Information Technology held on 17 December, a lecture on the Standards of Quality of Academic Programs that addressed IT disciplines. The lecture has been delivered jointly by Prof. Dr.‘Abd as-Sallam Y’aqub, the Consultant at the Council of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in the Association of Arab Universities and Prof. Dr. ‘Imad Abu ‘Arab Mu’awwad.

HE the Vice-Chancellor of SUST, Prof Dr. Hashim Ali Salem, when addressing the attendees, has reaffirmed SUST’s commitment to community service and emphasized the importance of scientific research as being the fundamental basis for the progress and development of nations, indicating that SUST will identify the goals and importance of the conference and its activities, acquaint people with the Arab Computer Society and discuss some of the topics that relate to the work of the Society in the preliminary meeting of the Deans of Computer Colleges in the Arab world.

Dr. Khalid Khanfar, the Secretary General of the Arab Computer Society said that the lecture delivered under the framework of the Conference aims at discussing many activities in the areas of research and the quality of academic programs in accordance with the prevalent scientific standards.

Dr.‘Abd as-Sallam Y’aqub said at the beginning of the lecture that the Council of Quality Assurance and Accreditation has been established to assist Arab universities in the development of higher education, improve quality and disseminate knowledge. (The Council has developed specialized manuals on quality assurance, and because of the various disciplines, the Council felt that it is necessary for every college to develop its own standards for its programs,) he said, adding that ten (10) standards have been approved in this regard by reference to accreditation and quality assurance international standards.

Prof. Dr. ‘Imad Abu ‘Arab Mu’awwad said that the Quality Manual is intended to ensure the quality of academic programs in Arab universities and the continuous improvement in IT areas through standards that relate to goals and learning outcomes, curriculum, teaching and learning, faculty staff, library, learning resources, students’ progress and evaluation of their performance, facilities, support services, academic program management, research, outreach activities, in addition to quality management and improvement.