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Evaluation and Accreditation workshop at the College of Petroleum Technology


In Collaboration with the Deanship of quality and development the College of Petroleum

Technology and Engineering has organized a workshop on preparation of self –evaluation.

Dr. Sumayia Abdul Moniem Dean of the College addressed the gathering explaining that the

workshop is targeting the deans of colleges and evaluation and accreditation coordinators

as well as professors with expertise in the field of evaluation and accreditation, particularly

those who received a training course in Jordan. She stressed the importance of the

discussion with the deans and accreditation coordinators on thorough understanding of the


The issue of self-evaluation and Accreditation poses a genuine challenge to the university

by 1014 through the offer of academic programs and varied disciplines in order to identify

the real position of the evaluation requirements and quality assurance so long as this stands

out as a landmark in discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the colleges.

Dean of Deanship of Quality and Deveopment, Dr, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim pinpointed

the importance of external evaluation and report writing with strengths and weaknesses

involved underscoring the central position of the College of Petroleum Technolgy that took

the lead in this direction providing an example for some other colleges to follow.