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Sudan University of Science and Technology hosts an anti-drug campaign under the theme: Bitter sweat of enlightenment in return for the costly price of control.


Sudan University has hosted at the Shaheed Conferences Hall, western campus the

General Administration for Guidance and Activities in its national program geared to raising

the public awareness of the dangers of drugs organized in collaboration with the Ministry of

Higher Education and Scientific Research, under the theme: Bitter sweat of enlightenment

in return for the costly price of control. Large gathering attended the symposium led

by Police Major General Awad Ahmed Al-Gabal, Police Colonel Abdul Ghafar Ali Hamad,

Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Hassan, Dr. Abdul Ghadir Osman, students' affair and a group of

university officials, Moral Guidance and university students.

Multiple entries have been presented including a religious awareness lecture by Sheikh

Hassan in which he underscored the heavenly graces most notably the bless of the sound

minds and faith and how they should protected being the central cause for commissioning,

while pointing at the same time to the illegal and damaging effect of drugs and that the

enemies of Islam are watchfully targeting the young people of Islam and actively diligent

to damage their brains. He sincerely called upon our students to consecrate themselves to

learning and help spread Islam across the globe as this is the mission of every able Muslim.

On his Part, Dr Awad Ahmed , assistant prof. at Rebat University greeted the

administration of the university and its students for the hospitality and kind reception and

gave an invaluable lecture on drugs with specific reference to their types and effect on brain,

psychotropic substances and how the dose is administered most importantly the mechanism

of control, stressing the importance of raising the awareness of young people of the hazards

of drugs.

Police legal expert Colonel Abdul Ghafar referred specifically to the legalizations and the

historical development of measures to prevent the spread and taking of drugs in the Sudan,

especially that some drugs have not been known to be found in Sudan except after passing

the drugs law in the nineties.