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College of Fine and Applied Art fights corruption in collaboration with the UN.


In the framework of the International Day against Corruption, College of Fine and Applied

Arts together with the UNDP, to mark the day, has organized a workshop on art and design

at the Graphic Design Dept. Dr. Omer Mohamed Hassan Dermah, Dean of the College,

addressed the function stating that the present year's celebration is purposefully dedicated

to fighting corruption, an agonizing phenomenon that rocked the world. It is an opportunity

for the students, fourth form, of fine art to employ their talents as a contribution with the

world's effort to resist this nightmarish morbidity, and help the community at large stop to

reflect on the sad realities in link with the phenomenon in question. The function further

helped reflect the leading role of the College and its closeness and intimacy in handling the

community's critical issues.

Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Sayed, representative of UNDP, spoke at the end of the celebration,

describing the festivity as an annual celebration by UN, and that this year the College of

Fine and Applied Arts has been chosen to give hand in the celebration as art is viewed as

the fastest way in putting a message across to humanity. He added that the celebration

included an enlightenment workshop intended for enhancing the students' awareness of

the overall anti-corruption concept.