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Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) Signs a Scientific Agreement with Al Wadi University in Algeria


In their relentless efforts to intensify relationships between Sudan and Algeria and to strengthen joint cooperation between the two countries, Sudan University of Science & Technology has signed five (5) agreements with al-Wadi University in Algeria.

HE the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hashim Ali Salem signed the agreements on behalf of SUST, while Prof. Khaladi Muhammad Khayr ad-Din, Rector of the University of al-Wadi, signed it on behalf of the university.

Under these agreements, the two parties will seek to foster and facilitate academic and legal exchange in the areas of Engineering, Science, Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Production, Education, Physical Education, Business Studies, Computer Science and Information Systems, Islamic Studies, Medical Radiology, Fine and Applied Arts, in addition to other programs adopted by the different colleges in the two universities.

Under the same agreements, the two parties have agreed to cooperate closely in the field of postgraduate studies and scientific research through conducting joint research as well as providing joint research supervision and scientific arbitration, in addition to cooperation in publication, sabbatical leaves and the use of halls and laboratories in both Universities.
The two parties have also agreed to exchange systems and programs, scientific documents and organize joint programs for the exchange of faculty members, students, scientific visits and research.