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Launch events of 11th Engineer week in the fifteenth of this month at the University of Sudan for Science and Technology [Southern Section]


The 11th engineer week will be held in the Faculty of Engineering [the southern section] at the Sudan University of Science and Technology [SUST] in the period from 8/December/2013 to 12/December/2013 under the slogan the engineer makes anything possible.
The student preparation was begun in all engineering department including all the successful and new ideas and proposals. Where this week will contains and highlights the activities and innovations of the students. In addition, this week will displays all the aspects that link the university with the community and stressing that the students have a lot of studies and engineering programs.
Also, this week represents the interaction of the universities with the other educational institutions. On the other hand, the engineer week can be considered as a media source for all the technological institutions. Finally, all the exhibitions will show the enormous potential of the students in the faculty of engineering and then reflect that they can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively in the future.