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Senate approves the results and new programs


Vice-chancellor Prof. Hashim Ali Mohamed Salim chaired the third Senate meeting for year 2013. He informed the members of the Senate of the current situation at the university; most importantly is the first international conference of distance education to be held in mid Jan at the Friendship Hall, with a participation of experts from inside and outside the country. Apart from the conference, Prof. Hashim enlightened the audience about the priceless prize awarded to the university's marked position as represented in the Deanship of Library Affairs on the theme "the Arab Unified Index" in an intense competition where more than five thousand Arab libraries took part. Furthermore, he rejoiced his staff with the glad tidings of the Committee formed by the Ministry of Higher Education; and which was principally entrusted with designing and submitting a proposal on improving the status of the university staff. He added that the committee has concluded its work and that their recommendations shall be given due care and attention and be supported in every possible way. Moreover, the Prof offered some illuminating insights about the three outreach convoys the university organized to help out those affected by the heavy rains with flooding, and the role played by the students in the cleanliness and environmental sanitation campaigns. He further informed the members of the ports the university opened to help African and Arab countries to have access to its services through the provision of distance education in the levels of bachelor and graduate degrees. He also explained to the members the various partnerships the university set up with a number of banks as a measure aimed at shoring up the graduates to make the first kick off upon graduation.
In the context of providing new ample places for comfortable seating and enhance the intake, the university has developed a three-year plan to build ten classrooms each year with the capacity of 250 student per class, to be instructed at the different campuses of the university. He further added that the university has concluded agreements with the Turkish Training Center to conduct training for all segments of the public as a service to be rendered in the framework of the university service to community. He pinpointed the need of each College to open a dossier to address some of the public issues in the realm of the discipline pursued in the specific College, in order to be able to provide services to community and contribute in nationwide development. Finally, the Senate approved the results of both graduate and undergraduate ranging from BA to PhD.