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Sudan University Honors the Kuwaiti Ambassador

Sudan University Honors the Kuwaiti Ambassador

Center of Studies and Peace Culture at the Sudan University of Science and Technology has held a festivity in honor of a number of teachers who gave hand in running graduate students examinations. Professor Jad Allah, the Principal, has undertaken the task of honoring the teachers. Professor Jad Allah expressed his deep delight over the event describing it to be a great event seeing that the honorees a group of reputed professors who have enriched the scientific process in the country. Prof. Jad Allah went on to enumerate the salient undertakings assumed by the Center of Culture and Peace Studies in solving the problems of Darfur, Abyei and others. He added that such centers are amongst the most important channels, across the globe, that countries resort to find solution to problems.
Prof. Hamoudi Ahmed Saeed, Dean of Graduate College, asserted the need for continued cooperation with this small group of scientific experts for their exceptional high level of professional competence in the areas of scientific research, teaching and discussion.
Further, at this connection, Prof Jad Allah wished HE ambassador of Kuwait State, Dr. Suleiman Abdullah Al-Harbi a good stay in Spain to which he was sent only recently. Dr. Abu Al-Ghasim Ghor stated that one of the most important goals of the center is to improve the academic performance and curricula at the university and open up new scientific vistas for the university to further help engage in peace studies and conflict resolution.
His Excellency, Ambassador, reiterated that the common features between Khartoum and Kuwait have attracted him to part in supervision at the university especially the countries are strongly connected. Sudanese are kind folk, and have a lot to help Kuwait. They are our teachers and helped form the Kuwaiti armed forces. He added that they were about to start a workshop to address the approaches employed in scientific research, and he will help open new vistas for the university in Spain where he is stationed as a diplomat.