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A breathtaking wrapping up of the first sports competition in Gymnastics for the children of the University staff in Jabra residential complex.


A spectacular individual and collective show introduced by the children of the university professors in Jabra, residential complex, in the end of the first training sports competition in gymnastics games that was organized by the residential committee for the children of the complex in collaboration with the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports under the auspices of the Principal . Deputy to the Principal Dr.AwadallahTayfur and the professors and families and children of the staff in the complex witnessed the closing ceremony of the tournament. Dr. Tayfur stressed the fact that Islamic teachings in many instances positively advised Muslims to train and teach young Muslims various types of sports to achieve a strong and coherent society. Tayfur considers the event as one of the impressive programs ever to be organized by the residential committee to achieve social cohesion, solidarity and harmony among the people of the complex not to mention Holy Qur'an recitation cycle. Dr. Tayfur pinpointed the importance of the competition whose benefits positively reflected on personal enjoyment, personal growth, social integration and above all social change. At the end of his speech Dr. Tayfur thanked the principal who sponsored the event and the family of the faculty of Physical Education and sports and the trainers: Othman, Khartoum's gymnastics champion and the trainer Wala from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.