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Field studies - Blue Nile State


In a phone call with Jamal Muddathir, the Supervisor of the field trip organized by the College of Engineering inquiring him about the field study trip to Damazin at Blue Nile State, he said: On 14 September 2013, the trip started as scheduled from the College of Engineering located at the Sothern Campus. This year's group consists of 24 students primarily from Engineering Department accompanied by the Academic Supervisor Prof. Abdul Salam Muhammad and myself as the Social Supervisor. Students have been provided accommodation at Damazin Hospitality Palace. The practical trip program started by visiting the Roseiris Dam, Roseiris Power and Thermal stations. The program also includes a visit to the Project of Heightening Roseiris Dam in addition to scientific lectures to be delivered as part of the trip activities and a visit to some notable archaeological sites. Prof Jamal added that the trip will offer unique learning experiences and allow students gain first-hand experience by engaging in extensive field study in their specialization, concluding that everything is going well and smooth with all participants without encountering any problem