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The Dean of Students Affairs Deanship Welcomes the New Students

The Dean of  Students Affairs Deanship Welcomes the New Students

In The Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Dear Sons & Daughters,

It is truly my pleasure to take this opportunity to extend to you, your parents and relatives, on behalf of Sudan University of Science & Technology High Management, Deanship Staff, and myself our sincere greetings for your superb academic achievement and welcome you to SUST, a prestigious University committed to scholarly excellence.

The Deanship has the honor to provide you with close care and improve your talents through its different departments which include Social Welfare, Sports Education, in addition to cultural activities. To assist the Deanship in achieving its noble objectives, please refer to your supervisors any time, who will be happy to address any questions you have and extend any help, to their best possible, to find high quality solutions for any problems you may encounter.

At the heart of the Deanship of Studentsí Affairs mission lies its commitment to create an environment not only for academic achievement but to inspire and prepare the students of SUST to achieve excellence, beside training them culturally, socially and sportively to secure the first position in these areas at all times, and be psychologically prepared to assume leadership and serve their communities in all aspects of life in future.

In this University we require our students to set an excellent example, and everyone must be a good role model for his peers, strictly adhere to rules of ethical behavior, wear appropriate attire, be transparent, respect and accept opposing views of others. We expect you to exert all your intellectual strength toward the attainment of knowledge, and remember, although your college life may include much more than just academics, however, staying on top of your academic requirements, self-esteem and self-confidence are the major key to accomplish your goals.

I wish you all a college life full of peace, joy, confidence, contentment, balance and success.