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HE the Vice-Chancellor of Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) Urges Colleges to Put Extra Efforts by Engaging in Community Services

HE the Vice-Chancellor of Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) Urges Colleges to Put Extra Efforts by Engaging in  Community Services

HE Prof Hashim Ali Salem, the Vice-Chancellor of SUST underscored that the University, through its broad range of outstanding diversity initiatives, reaffirms that it is an institution whose mission is to provide accessible, high quality, and affordable learning opportunities that transform lives and strengthen the communities it serves. “We are just at the beginning of a long road towards achieving our goals set for servicing the community in our pursuit for its sustainability, well-being, and economic grow,” he said during his congratulatory speech to staff and employees on the occasion of ‘Id al-Fitr, pointing to the care and attention given by the College of Forestry & Range Science to gum Arabic file as Hashab tree which represents a significant source of exports in Sudan, who is one of the leading world producer of this important product, has been completely neglected, urging the College and officials to exert maximum efforts in this domain in order for Sudan to be the first biggest producer and exporter of gum Arabic. Prof Hashim also commended the efforts of the College of Communication Science for the due consideration it gives to the file of professional ethics in journalism.

On the other part, Prof Hashim said that admission for BA of Engineering Technology is now open and acceptance will take place in the second round of admissions, and that efforts are underway for parallel admission in the University.

The celebration also has borne glad tidings with great joy to staff and employees. The retirement age of the University professors has been raised to 65 years, workers have been excluded from the terms and conditions of civil service, indicating that this will drive employees to work even harder and will significantly reduce the number of those who think to migrate seeking better life overseas or a more stable livelihood.

"The University became a training institution for the transfer of know-how and technology to all institutions across Sudan, as well as it provides relevant practical vocational training for craftsmen and awards certificate to those who successfully complete the prescribed training program ” added Prof Hashim.

Out of its concern for enhancing and disseminating knowledge, SUST has owned a company specialized in the manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment with the aim of providing more than thirteen thousand (13000) university professor with laptops. Also the company began work in bottles and chemicals manufacturing. “The beginning of industrialization in this company is to break the fear barrier of getting into such industries which is a serious responsibility and the university is able to assume it,” the Vice-Chancellor of the University said.

Prof Hashim switched to another topics saying that SUST has concluded more than thirty eight (38) agreements and started activating them.
He also reasserted that the University will be a beacon of knowledge for the present and coming generations in Sudan and also for those students of various levels coming from Arab and African countries, mentioning that it will offer opportunities to students arriving from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Libya and Central Africa to receive education at all levels. “In the coming months Chadian and Iraqi postgraduate students will be enrolled to obtain their master's and PhD degrees from our University,” saying that distance education is targeting African countries, and currently there are 14 countries whose students receive their education within the University premises and others who are registered in distance education courses.