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SUST Adds another Milestone to its Long History of Success

SUST Adds another Milestone to its Long History of Success

Prof Hashim Ali Salem, the Vice-Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology is pleased to extend his sincere congratulations to all SUSTís staff in general, and to Library Affairs Deanship in particular, on winning Excellence Award given by the Unified Arab Index Center.

SUST has been selected from among 260 Arab universities to receive Libraries Excellence Award in honor of its extraordinary level of excellence and commitment that it demonstrated in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that this award is one of the most prestigious CUAI awards presented to the member who has contributed the most in enriching the Arab Union Catalogue through the great deal of useful items and materials added to the original catalogue of the University library.

The prize will be delivered to SUST during the opening ceremony of the sixth meeting of the members of the Unified Arab Index which will be held in the Kingdom of Morocco on 11 September 2013.

On this happy occasion, Prof Hashim urged all SUSTís staff to keep vying for continuing success and improvement even beyond what can be envisioned, and to spare no effort in pursuit of excellence to attain perfection in every detail of their work to serve the best interests of our country, locally, regionally and globally.