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Tuneful Tribute Paid to a Professor in the College of Music & Drama from Dr. Paulo- Brazil


HE the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hashim Ali Salem received a tribute letter from Dr. Paulo Daniel Farah, Director General of Library and Research Center, South America and Arab Countries, praising the participation of Dr. Al-Fatih Husain Ahmed, the professor at the College of Music and Drama in the music concert, which was held in Brazil.
Dr. Al-Fatih delivered a lecture on Sudanese Music and its stages of evolution over the years, highlighting its trends, concerns and aesthetics. The lecture found deep resonance in the audience that witnessed the event, in particular music specialists and those interested in this field in Brazil who found it a good opportunity to get acquainted with Sudanese Arts and document its unique characteristics to serve as a reference in the Center.
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Paulo expressed his appreciation for the participation of SUST in the event, and considered it a step paving the way for closer cultural and academic cooperation in future between Sudan and Brazil on matters of joint concern and mutual interest.